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Spontaneous Learning

A portrait of Karl Marx.
A portrait of Karl Marx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My boys were fighting over legos during school time- super distracting to our learning groove.   Grrrr   So I told them I intended to take all their legos out of their rooms and put them in a common area for them to play with whenever.  No one would “own” any legos.  Sharing would prevail and peace would abound.   Of course they balked at losing their own pieces, and I realized I was using socialism to fix my problems.  So we talked about socialism, and I think they get it.

Personal Journey

Homeschool Blues

Oh, Despicable Me!  My minions were reeling at the injustice of having to do school on MLK day.  Nevermind the fact that we have off on gazillions of other days when “the rest of the world” is in school.