Homeschool Life

I’m taking the good with the bad

This is me doing Algebra II with Tory, who refuses to have her picture taken (she would be to the right).  Notice the birds on my back and arm.  They are waiting for me to die so they can eat me.  The cat is hoping I’ll survive the lesson on experimental data equations so that I’ll continue to feed him and give him milk every morning.  He’s also hoping the birds don’t notice his stealthy presence and his plan to pounce shortly.  I know all this because this is our routine (and the kids assure me it’s not distracting at all to their education/concentration).  Don't be deceived... that cat will pounce.Luke likes to put the birds on me, as he doesn’t want them to poo on him.  A really gross fact is that they usually like to sit in my hair while we’re schooling.  But their little feet tickle, so I take the good with the bad.  I think that’s how I survive Algebra II every morning too.  Good with the bad… good with the bad…

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