Personal Journey

A Proverb a Day

In February and other short months I get a break from that perfect woman, the Proverbs 31 woman who likes to taunt me with her godly perfection.   You know what bothers me about her?  She wakes up while it’s still dark outside, and she doesn’t even live in Alaska.   Is that a requirement for excellence?   Well I’m out then.  Today the cat woke me at 8:50 with his low humming purr and the pong of his wet nose oscillating against my face as if I’m some sort of horizontal scratching post.   Were it not for my kitty alarm I’d still be “getting beautiful,” as we say in our house.   The Proverbs 31 superwoman gets up early “to give portions to her maidens.”  I figure my maidens, had I any, would have starved to death long ago.    But no!   On further study of that word “portions,” it seems that she gives jobs to her maidens first thing in the morning; she’s giving them their portion of the work.  Just think of what I could get done with a horde of maidens to do my bidding…   So why wake up so early with all those helpers?   It takes more forethought and is more risky than just doing a job myself.   Take the cat’s puked-up furball that’s stuck to the carpet.  Cleaning it isn’t rocket science.  But if it doesn’t get done and done right I know I’m going to have a memorial of that half-done chore until we buy new carpet in 20 years (I speak from experience, unfortunately).   So I weigh one risk against another.  If I keep doing the chores meant for my proverbial maidens, I’ll never get ahead, and they’ll never learn responsibilityIf I assign them a portion of the work, but don’t oversee it, I’ll have a sloppy brown stain in the middle of my living room carpet.  That’s where the waking early comes in I guess.  Good thing I have a cat.

In the first post I ever made to this blog (Jan 6) I said that my first act of obedience to God each day was not to hit the snooze button.   As I write today I have the feeling He wants me to remember that.


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