Personal Journey

Spring Soccer Tsunami

One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after wind.   – Ecclesiastes 4:6

Right about now the outdoor soccer tsunami officially crests over our calendar, and we become helpless little crustaceans, tossed every which way by the soccer tide until it subsides again in June.  “You can do anything for 6 weeks,” a mom once comforted me, in referring to the outdoor season (which comes in spring and fall each year).   I love to watch my boys play soccer.  Good thing.  2 boys, plus 2 teams each, equals spectating in lieu of a part-time job.  Even Bob and I play on an adult league during the “off season.”  “Off” doesn’t mean “off” as in “not on.”  “Off” now literally means “low gear” or soccer 3 days a week as opposed to 7.  I have a friend with 4 of her 5 kids playing soccer.  She has 7 games to watch this Saturday.  7! That’s possible because, like us, her kids play both club and travel.  This post looks more like a math lesson, and anyone who knows me knows I’m no good at math.   Don’t take this to be a lament about the soccer tsunami.  We mostly enjoy it.  Somehow it’s become sinful to be too busy in some circles and in other circles, lazy to be not-busy-enough.  So we hopscotch in and out of those circles, alternately trying to slow down and savor a moment with the kids or step on the gas because… well, the game started ten minutes ago and we’re late!  So the times when we are speeding are in response to an external schedule imposed on us (by our own choices).  The times we choose to slow down are self-directed or are self-preserving responses to the insanity of the previous choices we made to schedule ourselves too much in the first place.  Once the tsunami passes, we’ll be looking around us asking, what do we do now?  And we’ll have to adjust to the freedom of unscheduled time.   We’ll have one hand full of rest… in about 5 weeks.


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