Nothing’s More Fun Than Doing The Assignments I Give My Students

The Assignment: A 10 line iambic pentameter conceit poem.


His Favorite Pair of Jeans

He once compared me to a pair of jeans,

Velveteen-threadbare, torn, and faded jeans.

We were as close as clothing then, denim

Dressed and pressed against each other. Thirteen

Years my best friend. So best he could forget

The holes, the stains, the fraying edges, warm

As skin, smoothed by tears and friction. When I’m

Washed out, blue, thin and barely held together.

When seams give out and fabric tears completely,

I’ll still be his favorite pair of jeans.


3 thoughts on “Nothing’s More Fun Than Doing The Assignments I Give My Students”

  1. Ha! To your first comment– I’ve done my job well if your brain is getting an aerobic workout! 🙂 And to the second: Sick, I know, but I wasn’t being a bit sarcastic. I love this stuff… I guess that’s why it’s so fun to teach it!

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