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My Son: Into The Lion Habitat

Though most homeschool moms won’t admit it, we have an unspoken code, a knowing nod, a fierce pride, and some definite do’s and don’ts in the secret-circle. Homeschool moms share a marinesque kinship, forged through days of homeschool bootcamp,  homeschool bleedout, homeschool hell-on-earth, homeschool soul-ripping, faith-stabbing, self-questioning, sanity-questioning homeschool days where we despaired of getting through the next– exercise.

Having been, uhem, exercising this way for nearly 15 years, and owning the badge of two graduates (who are not serial murderers or Walmart greeters), I know the patriotism of a homeschool mom, the scar-tissue dogma. When one of our own says she’s putting Jr. in school, she might as well say she’s putting Jr. into the lion habitat at the zoo.

Lion-10312I mean, Honey, have you thought this through?

Which brings me to mein kampf:  Luke, who’s overcome every Everest I’ve thrown at him.

To keep him home, even if he took college classes, as my daughters did, would still not be challenge enough. I know, because I’ve done it twice before. And he can’t take all college classes. We simply don’t have the means. So for him, we needed a new Everest, and God provided one.

St. Ignatius: A rigorous, all-boy private school, in my estimation an Everest not unlike the Eton of Bear Grylls or the Wynyard of C.S. Lewis. In my estimation, a Lord of the Flies jungle of teen angst and cannibalism. The lion habitat, after all.

Luke has thrived in his studies on the couch. Now I’d like him to thrive in the cafeteria, in the locker room, in the hallway. I’d like him to overcome distraction, disappointment, and despair– you know, people.

He’s studied like a cloistered monk, with all the beautiful laser focus that comes from homeschool; now I want him to find focus in a storm. Daniel was put into the  lions den, not for being bad, but because he was so good. He made all the other wise men jealous (Daniel 6:3-5).

Number 1 on the list of homeschool mom don’ts is to put your kid into school. I’ve always been rebellious. So is my son. So was Jesus. This is the best road, as far as my husband and I can tell. It’s not the usual road, not the broad road or the one most-taken. But homeschoolers left that road on day one.


10 thoughts on “My Son: Into The Lion Habitat”

  1. Psalm 25:9 “[The Lord] guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.” What a blessing in the freedom we have to follow the Lord and choose the BEST for our families.

  2. I respect your thoughtful and intentional parenting. You are a good Mama. We pray God’s blessing on Luke as he begins this new chapter of his life.

    1. Thanks for your prayers. They– above all else– are what we need as we figure out what road to take. And thanks for saying I’m a good mama. Who doesn’t need to hear that? 🙂

  3. If you are like me, God didn’t call you to homeschool so your son could study like a monk. He called you to be 100% responsible for your children’s education and to be 100% prayerful in every decision. It sounds like you are doing both. Kudos to you and your husband.

    For us, the 17 year old male child’s future requires him to learn to interact with many different people. This requires a lot of letting go and letting God.

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