5000 Words Creative Writing Contest Winners!

IMG_1326Please, Mrs. Griffiths, may we write more than 4000 words? In light of that question, can anyone doubt my status as literary miracle worker?

It’s true I fielded that question just a few weeks ago, as I gave the final instructions to my 13 & up students on how to complete their entries for the first-ever 5000 Words Creative Writing Contest.

You numbers-people out there are asking, Isn’t this the 5000 Words Creative Writing Class? Where are the other promised thousand?

Actually, the contest assignment was given after the students had already written well over 5000 Words in assignments done in the first few weeks of the course. By the time my students wrote their entry stories, they had already completed several other assignments, including three fiction pieces, two essays, and one literature analysis of our book Watership Down by Richard Adams. In this double class, the students wrote well over 10K words in twelve weeks.

I feel so blessed to teach writing/literature to home educated students, ages 10 – 17. This year my 13 & up students wrote a fiction story, had it workshopped by their peers, re-worked it, and submitted the final draft as a contest entry. Winners were chosen by anonymous student vote. Click the story title to read the winning stories. I think you’ll agree: I have some talented students.

soccer-152645__180Honorable Mention, Grace B., 8th grade, “A Painful Past”

Grace plays soccer for CSA Impact. Her talents on the page are rivaled only by her talents on the soccer field. This was Grace’s second year participating in 5000 Words.


image3rd Place, Isaac J., 11th grade, “RAP”

Isaac enjoys running, soccer, basketball, reading, tennis, writing, and watching Marvel movies. When he graduates, he’d like to become a Civil Engineer. This was his first 5000 Words writing class.


2016-05-09 10.46.25-1[1]2nd Place, Phillip M., 11th grade, “Polaroids”

Phillip participated in 5ooo Words over four years and eight novels. He competes in academic challenge and recently took part in CCWA Model UN, also headed by Kelly Griffths. Outside of academics, Phillip enjoys playing music (piano, guitar) and running track and cross country for Keystone High.


Kirby 21st Place, Kirby C., 10th grade, “Read Before You Sign”

Kirby has been participating in 5000 Words since the Fall of 2014. She enjoys ballet and tap dancing, as well as participating in speech and policy debate competitions. In college she hopes to major in public relations, with a minor in Journalism.


Congratulations to all my students!

Love, Mrs. Griffiths/Mrs. G/G-dizzle/G-dog/Oh-Captain-My-Captain (I go by many names… ok, I’m still holding out for that last one.)



7 thoughts on “5000 Words Creative Writing Contest Winners!

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  2. gladergirl

    Congratulations everyone! @kellygriffiths have you seen the stories that minecraftgirl2016, :), and I have been doing?

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