Personal Journey

What Faith Looks Like

Bob leads a short-term mission trip to an Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He’s not pictured because I can’t find one of him. That’s Bob. He loves to pour into the lives of others, wanting no credit, no fanfare. Bible author James said I show you my faith by my works. I see Bob’s faith in the faces of all these people.

See that pic of the two little heads working on the roof? That’s Luke and Delaney, 15 and 16 years old. The youngest member on the team is 11 years old, which was how old Luke was his first year. Don’t be deceived by all the smiles: this trip is grueling. I think their joy is a glimpse of God’s love and sacrifice (love is sacrifice, just ask Jesus). My Tory is the beauty on the left of the black and white picture. Michelle, my daughter in spirit is on the right. I got to know Michelle when I went on the trip two years ago. It makes me smile to think of these ones I love, loving others.

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