God, Why? Why These Candidates?

Dear God,

I want to be an educated voter. I want my vote to count. Does my vote please You if I decide for either of these wretched scraps of humanity, vomited up by our obviously faulty electoral system? I’m stunned like the rest of normal-America. Sucker punched. God?

Hillary Clinton had an idea. (I mean, she’s got lots of ideas, but this one was good.) “Can’t we just drone this guy?” She said of Assange, the Wikileaks founder who’s supposedly got further dirt on her and is about to share it tomorrow via video because it wasn’t safe for him to do it today from a London balcony.  I doubt there’s anything earth shattering. If this earth aint shattered by a cheating, lying president, why should it crack under the sins of his wife? Besides, what could possibly be dirtier than these, our candidates?


We may never know… Assange may have a sort of accident. With a drone or something. Hillary’s Assange-drone solution is similar to her stance on social issues, so I give her credit for being consistent. Children– the live ones, those who eat, who require education, insurance and all manner of infrastructure– they weigh down an already-extended welfare system. A welfare economy can only survive if lots and lots of babies fetuses clusters of cells are aborted. Affordably. Conveniently.

Not only is it economically solvent to kill unwanted babies, those clumps of cells products can be sold and their price stimulate the economy. That’s a dark genius I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined. Then again, I never thought I’d hear a prospective Commander-in-Chief suggest openly, “Can’t we just drone this guy?” At least she’d mete out a quick death. With a drone attack, you don’t even know what hit you. And abortion. Bam. You’re dead. I’ve never been aborted, but Planned Parenthood assures me it’s completely painless for the mother and the child fetus clump of cells. Bam. Dead.

The next president could possibly appoint four supreme court justices. The only way abortion is going anywhere is through the placement of supreme court justices.

And, inconceivable as it may be, the only hope for the unborn may be Donald Trump. God, I pray Trump does what he says he’ll do. If I vote for him, I’ll do it for You. For my conscience I vote for a man who seems to have a very miniscule one, at best. God? Stop me before November if I’m in the wrong.


I have a friend who may do just that: change my mind before November. I’m considering his rhetoric, and it goes like this: In light of the fact that neither candidate is remotely acceptable, the God-honoring response is to choose a candidate who represents our values. A means justifies the end sort of tack. It’s no mistake. I know my Machiavelli. My friend believes these times may call for a stress on process rather than on product, because the product (a moral governing body) has already been lost or is unwinnable. Hmmm… so what I should do with my little vote? As for my friend– he found a write-in option that doesn’t torture his conscience: Darrell Castle.

As to Hillary’s drones, that’s not how we solve problems. Kindergarten ethics, ma’am, we can’t just drone our political enemies or our inconvenient witnesses or even the scads of little breather-eaters who tax the overtaxed voters and constipate Mother Earth. I’m not suggesting we solve our political problems with two well-aimed drones, but that’s only because I don’t have the same mindset as our candidates. I have to admit, it scares me, her cavalier attitude toward life. Everyone talks about Donald Trump’s heavy finger on the nuke button, but neither of them inspire confidence.

God, do you want me to throw away (one could even use Biblical terminology– sacrifice) my vote as an act of faith? It’s no trouble to me, if I know that’s what You want. Many times You’ve worked in situations where the right thing to do was not the sensible thing. Gideon, Joshua, Peter, etc. Is this one of those times? We are blessed with a responsibility. What is the purpose of my vote? To effect my world view upon my world? To protest a broken system? To put as much free stuff in my pocket as possible?

I ask God and I ask you, because, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. I don’t care what the polls say. No one ever imagined we’d be here. I remember getting laughed out of a room for suggesting Trump could pull off the nomination. That was just over a year ago.




7 thoughts on “God, Why? Why These Candidates?

  1. Kelly, this was very thought provoking.
    Here’s some more food for thought based on this article (http://elitedaily.com/news/politics/only-9-percent-americans-voted-trump-clinton-nominee/1569869/)
    If you look at the numbers there are approximately 324 million people in the U.S. Of that roughly a third, 103 million, are not eligible to vote (children & convicts), leaving 221 million eligible voters.
    There are 88 million eligible adults who do not vote at all, even in general elections. Presumably, they are not registered to vote, leaving us with 133 million actual registered voters.
    Of the actual registered voters 73 million or 55% did not vote in the primaries this year.
    Of the 60 million that voted in the primaries 30 million voted for either Clinton (17 million) or Trump (13 million). This represents just 22% percent of actual registered voters. And it should be noted that by the time many states had their primaries there were few candidates left on the ballots.
    So, of 133 million registered voters, 103 million or 78% did not vote in the primaries, or voted for another candidate.
    I think these numbers demonstrate that a third party or write-in candidate could be viable. There are more than enough registered voters, who don’t like either candidate, that we could have a major upset if we stuck to our principles as Christians. I have always liked the platform of the Constitution Party and if I choose to write-in a candidate Darrell Castle would be my choice.

    • Flo! Thank you! Yours is a perspective I truly respect. I know you don’t EVER commit lightly. I wavered on posting this because politics are so incendiary, but already I feel most blessed at receiving the wisdom of others. It will help me and anyone who reads make a more informed decision.

  2. I hear you. I feel the same way. Can. Not. Decide. One is risky internationally; one nationally (harden not our hearts)..But I remember we survived a cowboy movie star. I pin my hopes on the chance of a one-term Preident.

    • Thank you for the article, Shaun. It’s always good to hear from you. Not becoming overly passionate about the election has been especially challenging this time around. Yes, pray. Pray and do. The “do” is to vote, no matter how difficult. I hope you are well! 🙂

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