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What I Would Say to Graduates of 2017

Graduates, this is good stuff. But not just for graduates, for anyone who sees life as still full of possibilities.


I live in a fantasy world, I know this. My wife is an actual queen. My daughter is part horse, and my son is an adventurous knight (Nexo Knight to be certain…if you know what that is).

I say all this to let you know that it is only in this fantasy world that I would be allowed to impart any wisdom toward those graduating high school or college this year.

I take what I can.

Friends of ours have a daughter that is graduating high school this year. We’re all very excited for her and proud of what she’s accomplished. She’s quite the artist and has a bright future ahead of her. It’s this event, and the fact that you can’t look anywhere right now without being reminded of these young souls venturing out into the great wide world now, that got me thinking. What would I say, if…

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1 thought on “What I Would Say to Graduates of 2017”

  1. Na realidade sonho com a cura…Não me sinto possante
    ainda mesmo com quase um par de anos convivendo com esse diagnóstico,
    porém sei que precisamos ter força para guerrear e também se reerguer, dias mais difíceis, outros melhores, mas com Deus ao nosso lado vamos superando, nos fortalecendo,
    partindo e particularmente acreditando que a tão sonhada tratamento é possível que estar perto, e também nos apegando nisso.

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