Coffee Confession from USC

Today for coffee we could head over to the Starbucks at the University of South Carolina. Luke is applying to colleges, and we’re all dreaming of what’s in store for his future. While we haven’t heard back from many of his hopefuls yet, USC accepted him into their honors college and invited us to visit. It was 30° when we left Cleveland. Our walking tour yesterday was 70°, and I was feeling my long sleeves. Not complaining, though. The birds were singing. My skin wasn’t getting frostbit. Students were dressed in shorts. Everyone refers to us as y’all in that southern accent that’s as sweet as their tea.

I have managed to embarrass my son already. They keep throwing us into soirees, the kind where you walk into a room full of clusters of people already engaged in deep, robust conversation, and you must figure out how to pry your way in gracefully. I am not known for my spontaneous verbal grace. One of the many reasons I prefer writing: the backspace key.

We enjoyed breakfast at the top of the Capstone House, a revolving room 18 floors high with floor-to-ceiling windows. I was introduced to the concept of shrimp and grits from a distance and had the most delicious chocolate cheesecake. Cheesecake for breakfast. Oh, and I had it last night for dessert too. I’d do well to walk back to Ohio.

As I type this Luke is in his interview. They play it super low key. My kind of people. The director of admissions joked to a room of scholar-nerds and their nerd-parents that yoga keeps her out of prison. I could definitely have coffee with a gal like that. She and I talked a bit about Pat Conroy, whose books are often set here in Columbia and in Charleston. I am in the middle of Beach Music (a volume so thick you could jack your car on it), and there are scenes that take place on the campus. I got to see the Horseshoe, a beautiful green I just read about, as well as the student union where Conroy has a Vietnam demonstration take place. Very cool.

I’ll tell you though. Even with the 15° temperature, nothing beats home. Looking forward to sharing coffee with you from my beloved Keurig, next time.






11 thoughts on “Coffee Confession from USC

  1. As an official half-back, having lived for decades at 42 degrees north and three years at Tampa’s 28, I can tell you that I find Raleigh’s 35 degree latitude weather a lovely compromise between extremes. (U of SC is 34 degrees north.)

  2. A good time for you and Luke!! I heard this morning a gal applied to USC. That would have been the University of Southern California not where she wants to go the University of South Carolina!! Not sure she’s ready for college. Enjoy the rest of your time in the warmth. Baby it’s cold here!

  3. Feel like we’re living parallel lives Kelly. Went with my teenage son to Manchester Uni last week for his interview and tours and talks. All went very well and I had lots of fun meeting strangers doing the same, wondering if our kids will meet in future if/when they become students there, wondering if they’ll become friends that will always know each other like me and my student friends still do. It was very hot which is so unusual for Manchester which is famous for its misty drizzle even in midsummer never mid February. Hope your son gets to go where he want to most. xx

  4. I don’t know if this is an option for you, but I find nothing more invigorating than a writers conference. I’ve been pulled out of “Writer’s Depression” more than once by one.

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