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An Invitation to FLOG This Writer AND…I Got Shot

In Spontaneous 5 I mentioned spending upwards of seven (it was actually more like ten) hours on my first page. Well, you can see the fruit of that labor and even vote anonymously whether or not you’d keep reading my work HERE. This is me, begging you.

I’m not asking for strokes. Vote your conscience. Ray made some suggestions about cutting most of my details. This is the second blow to the queen of strikeouts that maybe she’s not spare enough? Hmm… if you’ll just weigh in, I’d be grateful beyond words.

I came across Ray in Writer Unboxed, which I found through Donald Maass’s book Writing the Breakout Novel. Whew! What a web.

There are plenty of people out there who are willing to flog you, no matter where you are in your writing journey. I chose Ray’s site because I read two flogometer posts I felt were spot on. In one, Ray flogged my personal hero. See if you agree with his assessment. I heartily recommend sending Ray your first pages.

This week, the Little Red Writing Hoods met. We convene in in my living room, and we laugh a ton. I am in charge of the timer, which makes me the joy kill. They gave me a tough assignment to expand the scene I mentioned in Spontaneous 4. BAM. Already done, ladies. And I even got to the gym and piped my fix of Les Brown’s You Gotta Be Hungry into my ears. Did I mention it’s a wonderful life?

Oh…and in my field research this week, I got to role-play a traffic stop. I did get shot, but more importantly, I got my paradigm shifted regarding police: what they face each time they pull over a car, especially at night. I had no idea. Now I have the tiniest idea.

In my defense, I did tell him to put his hands on the wheel something like five times before I lost focus and got shot.

8 thoughts on “An Invitation to FLOG This Writer AND…I Got Shot”

    1. You mean brave to put myself at the mercy of the flog ometer, don’t you? I’m not going to lie. It’s a little painful. But Stephen King got a lot of no’s too, so I’m in good company at least.

  1. Interesting.  It seems like “compelling” means “action-packed” to Ray and I don’t agree when it’s at the expense of details. With the beautiful details stripped out, it felt like moving from color to black and white.  Maybe effective sometimes but definitely a net loss most times.  

    Regarding the foreshadowing without a quick resolution, I tend to agree a bit more. While it can be effective for a small detail to pay off a lot later, I tend to prefer not having a major question like that stay unknown unless it’s unknown to the character as well.

    Voting to read more was a no-brainer either way, though!

    1. Can’t thank you enough, especially for being specific regarding “compelling” vs. “action.” While details pause the action, they also paint the picture, and I am a sucker for beautiful imagery.

      I will consider a sooner reveal on what’s in the book. As it stands now, it comes in the next chapter. You’d make a great beta reader. Best to you!

  2. I couldn’t resist kitty’s begging! I voted. I couldn’t stop reading. I enjoy the detail. But I agree in that we need to know in the first chapter what she read in the book.

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