5000 Words Fall, 2019 Writing Contest Winners!

It’s that time of year again! 5000 Words students participated in a workshop and writing contest, and the winners have been chosen. But not by me—they judge each other. It’s the good sort of judging.

This session we read Watership Down by Richard Adams, a quest story with leadership and courage themes…and it’s entirely about bunnies. I first came across it in a Stephen King book, The Stand. King described Watership Down in such glowing praise that I had to read it. And I wasn’t disappointed. Neither were my students. For some, it was their favorite book, ever.

Here are the winners in the fall, 2019 fiction contest (click the titles to read the winning stories):

1st Place – The Glass Staircase by Mia Maechner

Mia is fourteen and in ninth grade. While she greatly enjoys writing, her main passion is art. Though it’s still unclear, she hopes to pursue art in the future. She is the oldest of five siblings, all girls. Mia has taken the 5000 words class four times, and the class has inspired her and helped her writing grow to more than she ever believed she could accomplish. She is immensely thankful for Mrs. Griffiths and everything she has taught her. 🙂

2nd Place – The Warring Nations by Ella

Ella is fourteen and in ninth grade. Writing is one of her favorite things to do, but she also enjoys reading, drawing, and other forms of art. She recently found a new love for music through piano, guitar, and songwriting.  When she graduates, she is interested in pursuing teaching.

3rd Place – The Wake of Night by Caroline Lewis

Caroline is in her sophomore year. Her enjoyment of writing stems from her love for books. Many of her inspirations come from her fascination with beautiful nature. Her main goal in writing is to glorify God in every piece she writes. Some other things she enjoys are singing, playing her ocarina, going on adventurous hikes, and spending her time with her six siblings.

Honorable Mention – The Girl With Blue Eyes by Anna Kirlough

Anna is in eighth grade. She enjoys writing along with the dozens of other activities that she does. Some other things she enjoys doing are: singing, playing the piano, dancing, and drawing. She loves nature and gets a lot of her inspiration from the outdoors. When writing, her goal is to have fun and be creative.


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