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Life is Short. Eat Cake.

In 2018 thanks to a brain tumor, I was struck by the truth that life-is-short. Okay, it sucker-punched me. I survived 2018, and in 2019, probably as a result of making it through mostly unscathed, was hit by this truth: eat cake. The two phrases together make up what I hope will be my 2020 mantra.

What has cake to do with the brevity of life?


The most famous person to suggest we eat cake was Marie Antoinette. Although history credits her, like so many misunderstandings, she’s probably getting credit (and infamy) where it’s not due. Still, let’s pretend, when her advisor told her the people had no bread, she countered with, Well then let them eat cake. Thanks to that word blunder, Marie Antoinette is the iconic image of the female idiot, the first lady of dumb blondes. However, she did have a half a valid point. Eating cake is good advice. Assuming you have some.

We, unlike the French peasants of the 18th century, have cake within our reach. If you don’t believe this, study history and worldwide poverty statistics. Almost every American has more cake than we can safely consume. Our pets have cake. So assuming we have it, and cake represents the good things that make us involuntarily smile or laugh or feel quiet joy, why, WHY do we not eat it? Why are Americans the 19th happiest country in the world?

We don’t know we have cake in the cupboard?

We don’t think we deserve to eat it?

It will bring negative consequences (straight to the thighs…haha).

I know why for me.

I operated (and operate, truth be told) under the conviction that I didn’t deserve cake. At some point, I decided I had no right to cake until I got an agent, got this or that story published, landed a deal, and on and on. I’ve been so focused on achieving my goal of publishing my novel and making it as a writer (whatever that means) that I’ve entirely forgotten the cake even exists.

Well, no more. 2020, as much as it depends on me, is going to be a big, fat piece of cake. Tuxedo cake. My favorite. I’m not going to throw my work ethic in the trash, but I am going to focus on the sweetness of life, in all its forms. I’m not going to put off the sledding until I deserve it. Or the tattoo. Or the walk in the park with my husband. Or coffee with my friends. My home page bio admits I’m always too busy unless you’re in crisis. My goal is that, by the end of 2020, I can edit it to say I am never too busy to enjoy a piece of cake. Or to share my cake.

That’s even better. Life is short. Share your cake. We don’t know what’s coming. I resolve to stop checking my inbox a hundred times a day, hoping for an acceptance. I resolve to face-to-face, rather than facebook. I resolve to eat cake and share it with the people I love. As 2019 comes to a close and you’re making resolutions or goals or just contemplating the trajectory of your life, my wish for you is to be led to higher and better places where you’ll eat cake.

Signing off until 2020.



15 thoughts on “Life is Short. Eat Cake.”

  1. Great post. Reminds me of one of my life quotes from Erma Bombeck — ‘Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.’

    1. Ok girl…I will absolutely be there if Bob doesn’t take my car. Right now he’s planning to have his at the mechanic’s that day, which leaves yours truly without transportation. If not this time, next time for sure!! You got me. Yes. Call me out. I like it. 😉

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