Spontaneous 8 Drama on the High Sea

They say there’s always a cruise story. Here’s one you wouldn’t expect.  How does this relate to writing? A writer must be able to see the worst possible scenario in order to create tense moments, but she must also be ready to see the best, to be the ultimate optimist. So I got a rejection,  so what? Vacation didn’t go as planned…big deal. There’s always hope, at least until a heart stops beating, right?

Wrong. I found this out in the most unlikely place: our Caribbean cruise.

18 thoughts on “Spontaneous 8 Drama on the High Sea”

  1. First thought, “BEVERAGE PACKAGE!”
    Second thought, I used to teach CPR for my sons’ Boy Scout and Venture Crews.
    “The overall rate of survival that leads to hospital discharge for someone who experiences cardiac arrest is about 10.6 percent, the study authors note. But most participants in the study estimated it at more than 75 percent.”
    Third thought, “Eat cake AND workout.”
    Glad he’s among the one in 10.

  2. Good to see your sweating face and hear your panting voice! Haha! No, seriously, thank you for sharing this. ❤ Thank God that poor man got help! My cousin had a stroke on a cruise four years ago and hasn't been the same since. 😦

  3. Good one! But next video… I mean you’re on a cruise. I want ocean views! LOL. I get it though. The work-out reinforces your message. Balance indulgence with healthy choices. Good job. And enjoy your cruise!

  4. Wow, that’s crazy! I hope the man makes it off the cruise OK. Good for you for seizing each moment–to enjoy yourself and share some of your wisdom with the rest of us. Hope you have a wonderful time!

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