Rejection is Protection – Jasper Black

I came across REJECTION IS PROTECTION as a part of the encouragement offered in #1000wordsofsummer, which is what it sounds like: a thousand words a day. Do you agree? Is rejection protection? I never thought of it that way, but as painful as rejection is, it might be the only medicine for my unready writing. I’m not saying every piece of rejected writing is bad. Most of my stories are rejected at least twice before they find a home. Sometimes I’ve revised them after rejection, sometimes not. Jasper’s quote gives me a more positive frame for what positively will happen along the way.

That may look like Jackson Pollock, but its’ me, writing.

Since the freedom granted me by a-thousand-words-a-day, I’m slapping words down with saucy abandon, figuring I can go back later. I just hope I don’t die before I have the opportunity. Word vomit’s a simple concept, one I’ve half-heartedly embraced. I was giving the SFD (or, child’s draft, which is somewhat insulting to children) one of those fake, patting hugs. I said I’d just get words down, but I fussed over them like a mother. I am a mother. I fuss.

But not lately. I’m getting a thousand words down as if my life depended on it. Bear-hugging the word vomit.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the goal of a thousand words, I’m free to play, to throw words out willy nilly, and even though a part of me squirms at what I see, I just forge ahead. I’m traversing a swamp. The point is to get across. I’ll be wet, muddy, graceless, and full of leeches, but on the other side, I’ll be.

And then the fun begins. Revising! After that, rejection. Or protection. And more revising. More rejection. Thank god I love revising.

Me, revising.



5 thoughts on “Rejection is Protection – Jasper Black

  1. You’re a mother. You fuss. Ha–yes, I totally understand that. I’m so impressed with your 1,000 words a day. That’s fantastic! I do think that’s a good exercise not to fuss and just get the words down (mucky and leech-filled even!) But I bet, when you go to revise, you’ll find some grace there too. I made the mistake, once, of babying a couple opening chapters of a novel. Totally stalled me. Never again. Now, rejection as protection. That’s interesting. Another interesting thing I heard about rejection recently was that it wasn’t rejection but acceptance that was a hurdle for a particular writer (I can’t remember who) to get over. Rejection was just another day, and then you get back to work, writing. Acceptance though, and accolades, pats on the back and feeling proud of yourself–that slowed this writer. Great post, Kelly, and keep up the good work!

    1. Part of my willingness to throw down “trash” initially is that I’ve seen how much cutting I do. If I haven’t made them too darling, I don’t mind killing them so much! haha I always enjoy hearing from you!

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