A Thousand Words a Day

I’ve been participating in the #1000wordsofsummer campaign. I did it earlier this summer, too. I don’t count these words, here on the blog. I could; some might, but the words I really need are fiction ones. I do not poo on anyone’s idea of hard. It’s different for everyone. For me, it’s the blank page. When I hear somebody’s taken the time to craft me a little Rudy speech, I’m in.

And now, here’s my plug for one of the greatest TRUE motivational stories ever.

Want to learn more about 1000 Words of summer? Go here. Want to participate? Go here. You can put your butt in the chair, read each day’s motivation, and accomplish your goal. No matter when you’re reading this post, the emails for #1000wordsofsummer are always available.

I started with a count of 15,782 words on my WIP. Today (day 6) I’m starting at 21,852. As far as participation goes, I’m behind. Days number six and seven are waiting in my inbox, unread. But, no matter. I’m doing it…BAM. You can, too.

7 thoughts on “A Thousand Words a Day

  1. Kathleen Joyce

    Okay Kelly, You made me cry with this clip of Rudy! First thing in the morning, that’s not nice, girlfriend. But it is beautiful and so inspirational. Thanks, for the pep up. I needed it, so guess I’ll pound out a 1000 words today. šŸ™‚

    1. Oh my gosh! I know, right???!! I’m so glad to hear someone besides me thinks this is the best ever!! Can you tell how much I like Rudy by the number of exclamations? !! You know how I feel about them, under normal circumstances. Ha! Love you and hugs back. xoxo

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