We Want YOU…

…to vote for your favorite flash fiction. I teach writing to homeschooled students. Readers, would you be willing to help out? All you need to do is click the thumbs-up to cast your vote for a flash, and if you can’t choose just one, feel free to choose more. And if you REALLY feel moved to encourage a young writer, write directly to the author in the comments section. There are five flash stories, posted exactly as they were submitted.

Over the Trench

As the sun risings over the vast expanse, its rays cast light upon the corpses. With my head ducked low, I looked across no man’s land, my eyes found nothing but bodies laying thick and far across the plain.

I thought to myself, “was today the day?” That’s what every soldier was thinking about, our turn over the trench. We’ve drilled for months, our platoon was ready for that sound, the sound no soldier wants to ever hear, the sound of the sergeants’ whistle. I walked down the narrow, trench wall to my pack, I reached down into the pack and grabbed my cloth, setting my rifle on my lap, I started to clean the barrel of any dirt that might obstruct a killing shot.

That’s when I heard it… The whistle blew hard and strong, our sergeant yielded, “to the LADDER’S!”

I scrambled to my feet and got to my position in line. The countdown began… “60 seconds,” the sergeant preparing us for hell. Everything went mute as the fighter planes flew over our heads, the sky exploded into oblivion as bullets bounced off the hedge directly above us. My hands froze as I  saw the terrified faces of my fellow brothers, the boy in front of me began to urinate on himself as time grew nearer.“30 seconds!” The sergeants’ voice cracked as we approached death yet again.

I closed my eyes, remembering back to a time when life was calm. In that moment amidst the chaos and gore, I found peace… a simple, beautiful flicker of peace. My hands relaxed, my eyes opened wide, empty of fear. This was it, the conclusion of my life was at the top of that ladder… “10 seconds!”

By Philip Kay

At the Stake

Standing here, with eyes closed, I await the pain yet to come.
As they bind my hands with ropes, I remembered back to the time when i
held the reins tied to my horse, as i rode through the early morning, when
the earth was filled with dew and the sun peeked over the tors to kiss the
ground. These same ropes now bind my life to its end as I feel the warmth
of the flames creeping up the dry, sharp straw, I am alone.
The fire now clings to my body, starting its tenacious climb upward, I hold
my breath, the pains I feel are like no other.
I think of what my mother’s last words to me were, I can still see the tears
in her eyes as she said to me
“To them you might be Joan of arc (the witch) but to me, you’re still my
brave little girl.” She said as she wiped the tears off my face and said “can
you be brave my dear Joan, one last time?”
I tried to hold them in, but soon my tears came rolling off my hot cheeks,
they poured out in torrents as if even
they tried to put out the flames, but it was pointless. The flames had
appeared to swallow me with hatful passion,
then suddenly everything grew cool, I no longer felt the pole, I was tied to
nor the fire picking away at me.
I open my eyes to see a blinding light and a figure hidden within, as it
emerges from the light I see that it is a man, He stands there with a warm
smile as he stretches out his hand, He says
“My child, you have done well.”

By Grace Kay

Plenty for Pain

Grave after grave, I’m sick of it.  That sick, twisted, Miranda will have to be made to understand my grief …. 

“Hallo dearie! How are you?” My eyes went wide and my heart leapt into my throat.  I rose from my cowered spot, brushing the leaf litter from my skirt.  I could feel my jaw seize up, my fingernails were drawing blood from my palms. 

“You snake!” 

Miranda looked up, shock filled her indigo eyes.      

“What?” she gave a quick flutter of her wings as she sat. 

“You cursed me!”

“Why most people would give their right pinkie toe to trade places with you! Are you not happy?” Her quizzical glance pierced my heart. 

I sputtered for a minute, trying to put into words the anguish of my soul.  

“I’ve had to burry everyone I’ve ever loved!”

“I’m afraid that’s an expected side effect.”

“You knew about this!?”

“You didn’t?” Miranda began cleaning her fingernails with the tip of her crystal wand. “I gave you exactly what you wished for. Did I not?”

I exhaled heavily, and a weight like a boulder filled the space where my breath had been.  

“Fine,” I tossed my head quickly. “I just won’t ever love again.” 

A knowing look passed over Miranda’s lengthening face. She shook her head slowly as I traipsed off. 


I looked over the edge, down on the roaring waters.  I longed to jump, but it would do no good.  Immortality leaves no room for death but plenty for pain.

By Izzy Schuett

Derek and Owen

They make a fire and camp for the night. Owen is asking when they can get back home annoyed with the insects flying around. Derek tells him when they get to the top of the mountain they can make their way back home. They are about two thirds of the way up. The next morning they continued their hike, but are stopped by a small but deadly adversary. They’ve encountered a black mamba. Owen takes a rock and throws it at the snake to scare it. Instead it gets aggravated and lunges towards Owen with rapid speed. Derek shoots out his arm in an attempt to catch it. He succeeds and has caught the body of the snake in midair. Within a flash the head jerked around and bites Derek in the arm. As Derek kills the snake Owen calls for help. He gets no reception, and starts freaking out and panicking. Derek is calm and laying on the ground. Derek tells Owen to never lose hope and always keep going. Within the next twenty five minutes Owen is holding his dead brother in his arms. He promises himself he will become a better man to honor his brothers last dying words. This action of love changed the life of a immature and disrespectful boy into a caring and selfless man.

By Jace Hurst

Mystery Noises

As Aradella was walking down the street, she realized she had to pick up her little sister from

Dally’s Daycare. So she made her way towards the daycare, but she felt like she was being pulled back.

She looked back, and saw nothing. She tried running, but that just made her tired.

“What is happening to me.” She screamed,” I just want to get my sister!”

“Crouch down.’’ A man said up in a tree.

“What in the world?” Aradella said in confusion.

“Just do it.”


Aradella crouched down on the ground. She felt the force die down. There was no more strange feeling

of being pulled back. She looked up to thank the man, but the man was gone. Aradella got her sister,

and went back to their house. She woke up in her bed drowned in sweat.

“That was the weirdest dream ever.”

By Carenna Lewis

Thank you for reading!

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