Hi, I’m Kelly.

I decide to spend a few minutes tweaking a sentence or two and…poof. Three hours. I play with adjectives the way nine-year-olds play with Legos.

While carpooling, I scheme plots. I once forgot a class this way. I was the teacher.

Every library in Northeast Ohio is (or has been) my office. No library? No Panera? No problem. I write stories in the parking lot while my kid swims a few thousand yards.  I find a far-off parking space and belt out whatever I can.

I’m fortunate to teach homeschooled students in my home. We read classics together, and I share what I know about writing. Writing=Love. The class is called 5000 Words because I promised the moms their kids will have written a minimum of 5000 words in six weeks’ time. Kids walk into my class tight as lug nuts and—after a few sessions—could pen Leaves of Grass.

People in my general vicinity would say I’m always too busy, that I rarely make time for a cup of coffee but I’ll be there in a minute if you’re in crisis. I’m sensitive as an egg, and I’ll ruthlessly beat you in Scrabble. I have a soft spot for one-eyed cats and underdogs. My husband is my superman. My children, my incredibles.

Some of me, Published:

2018 Owl Canyon Hackathon finalist

Tease* – Gordon Square Review NOMINATED, 2019 BEST SMALL FICTIONS

 The Boots* – The Forge Literary Magazine

Take the Shot* – The Cabinet of Heed

Skeleton in a White Dress Ink in Thirds

The Outrider – The Corona Book of Science Fiction

The Revision – Ellipsis Zine Two

The Gardener* The Drabble, January, 2018

The Pylon* Reflex Fiction Longlisted, November, 2017

Say It* – GNB Writers Block 1st Place, October, 2017

Dante’s Barn* Fiction on the Web, October, 2017

Carpe Diem! They’ll Never Notice the Pillow Cases* – Erma Bombeck

*available online

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