Kelly’s published a few horror, sci-fi, and literary pieces. She’s writing her third novel and sharing her journey with a group of women who call themselves The Little Red Writing Hoods. Mary is a Nebula winner and fencer who adores cats. Laura hails from Texas and writes for CoolCleveland. Cyndi writes us all to shame, with seven published books to her credit. Kelly wears black, always. People need stability in life, especially writers. And black goes with everything.

Any poor decision Kelly makes can be handily blamed on having her head cut open in 2018. As skilled as neurosurgeons are, once you shift that stuff around, you’re not the same. Not really. Sometimes she writes about her debacles, but mostly she wraps them in fiction and changes critical pieces of information.

About Kelly, in pictures:

Kelly, jumping off a cliff.
Proud Kelly
Kelly, after a rejection.
Some of the Reds (not wearing red).
More Reds
Kelly’s favorite place on earth.
Favorite. Place. On. Earth.

Kelly’s family:

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