Spontaneous 8 Drama on the High Sea

They say there's always a cruise story. Here's one you wouldn't expect.  How does this relate to writing? A writer must be able to see the worst possible scenario in order to create tense moments, but she must also be ready to see the best, to be the ultimate optimist. So I got a rejection, … Continue reading Spontaneous 8 Drama on the High Sea

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Writing is a Solitary Pursuit. Being Read, a Sociable One.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. I remember telling my professor-uncle I wanted to be a writer. His response was that I should prepare for a painful, lonely existence. I was in college and had taken a few writing classes. Still high on workshop praise and being ever the pragmatist, I decided writing was the "career"… Continue reading Writing is a Solitary Pursuit. Being Read, a Sociable One.


On Mountain Biking & Other Frightening Endeavors

How do you know which paths to trust? Which are solid, which are dust? Do you know, beneath your feet which steps are nets or roots or snares? There comes a point you do not care. Your heart's alive Your soul will dare. The trail you tread is lush and wild uncharted, dark, and undefiled.… Continue reading On Mountain Biking & Other Frightening Endeavors

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Another Heart Melted by Abbott

I had to repost this from my dear friend, Nancy Beach, who blogs at She's an amazing writer, and she brings joy to everyone she meets. I remember the day she and Abbott met, the day she decided to hang out in my family room with a sharp-toothed animal that scared the lights out… Continue reading Another Heart Melted by Abbott

Personal Journey

Goodbye, Abbott

When I walk in the door, Abbott is always there to greet me with his enormous shnaz (our word for his nose) and his beautiful, watery eyes that gaze at me with absolute adoration. There's something heady about being in the crosshairs of dog-love. I pat his head and ask, "How's my favorite?" I have… Continue reading Goodbye, Abbott

Personal Journey

Life is Short. Eat Cake.

In 2018 thanks to a brain tumor, I was struck by the truth that life-is-short. Okay, it sucker-punched me. I survived 2018, and in 2019, probably as a result of making it through mostly unscathed, was hit by this truth: eat cake. The two phrases together make up what I hope will be my 2020… Continue reading Life is Short. Eat Cake.


5000 Words Fall, 2019 Writing Contest Winners!

It's that time of year again! 5000 Words students participated in a workshop and writing contest, and the winners have been chosen. But not by me—they judge each other. It's the good sort of judging. This session we read Watership Down by Richard Adams, a quest story with leadership and courage themes...and it's entirely about… Continue reading 5000 Words Fall, 2019 Writing Contest Winners!