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A Killed Conscience by Jordan Antonacci

Investigative journalist Emilee Weathers is hungry for the perfect story and not too particular about how she has to get it. Asked to help find new evidence for a convicted serial killer’s appeal, she heads for the mountain town of Pigeon Forge. When she discovers the body of a recent victim, the questions come thick… Continue reading A Killed Conscience by Jordan Antonacci

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Book Review: The Bible

Title: The Holy Bible  Authors: 40+ men over 1500 years   Genre: Non-fiction   Publisher: God   Release Date: 1535  Pages: 1,200ish   Simply filling out the specs I'm picking a fight. My choice to label The Bible non-fiction communicates: Ignorance to secular scientists (Gah! Join the 21st century!) Intolerance to other religions (god wrote our book too) Combativeness to atheists (your god is… Continue reading Book Review: The Bible

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Book Review: Outliers

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Non-fiction Hardcover, 309 pages Publisher: Little, Brown and Company I grabbed this off the classics section of my library on a whim. I'm not sure how it got shelved in the classics section, except to think that some brilliant educator realized Outliers should be required reading for anyone… Continue reading Book Review: Outliers

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Coming in 2017… Not Your Average Book Reviews!

The trouble with book reviews: subjectivity. Two people can read the same book and opine in wildly different directions. A friend of mine posted that The Brothers Karamazov was her favorite book ever. Ever. Now I respect my friend, but even if I didn't, ever is a pretty convincing review. Add to the ever-- she is the only… Continue reading Coming in 2017… Not Your Average Book Reviews!