Hi, I’m Kelly

Books can be temporary refuges, sandcastles that wash away the moment I close the cover. I want a story to rivet me with tension and excitement, but I also want it to challenge and change me as a person, to grow my soul. I want a book that doesn’t wash away, even years later. I want to read such a book, but even more—I want to write it.

In April, 2018 my faith was tested by a brain tumor. There was a time I thought I might keel over at any moment. That sort of thinking changes a person. I stopped trying to escape my world and purposed to appreciate each breath.

I now see books as more than escapes; they shape us individually and—should an author be so fated—collectively. I wrote a book called Trespass about a girl who acquires the skeleton key to every mind on planet Earth. What would happen if your inside voice leaked to an outside ear? Or if you heard the thoughts of people around you? Think you’d remain the same? That you’d survive?


14 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Kelly

  1. Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for liking my post, “A Geography Project You Can Sink Your Teeth Into”. I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I love the way you write and can’t wait to read more.

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  3. Jesus Christ is surely a feminist, judging by his popularity among women!

    In school, a (Muslim) teacher told us most people in hell were rich and the women. He was half right.

    It’s women who make us civilized. How can they lead us to hell? In Genesis, God says “I shall put enmity between you and her” to Satan.

    It’s women who hate evil. It’s men who do evil. Check any prison and see for yourself, teacher.

  4. When Pakistanis see a child growing into a bad guy, they advise his parents “marry him”. I say “throw him to the lions” (if he’s too evil and a disobedient husband).

  5. If your child is learning to respect you and obey you, he’ll definitely be a good, obedient husband and hence, Jesus won’t wrestle with him, but he’ll be blessed. Wish you good luck and for your good son, too.

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