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Q is for Quacks

Quacks. I wish this were about ducks, but alas-- here is my post about funny farms, i.e., nut houses, psych wards, mental institutions, behavioral medicine centers (they sound nice). Funny farm is my mom's favorite designation. She has introduced me thus: "This is my daughter who put me in the funny farm." You could say… Continue reading Q is for Quacks

Personal Journey

P is for Perfectiosis

Perfectiosis. A disease that afflicts writers. Symptoms include but are not limited to the following: generalized anxiety, sweats, permanent worry lines on the forehead, permanent duck lips, muscle aches and pains, blurred vision, hair loss (self-inflicted), and ultimately death by defenestration, an option more appealing than hitting publish after spending an eternity on a piece… Continue reading P is for Perfectiosis

Personal Journey

M is for Missionaries

My sister and her husband have never been what you'd call traditional. For starters they were married on the Appalacian Trail-- during their thru-hike. Heather had real flowers woven into a crown, and the new couple walked under an arch of brightly colored hiking staffs, held up by the many friends they made along the… Continue reading M is for Missionaries