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Day of Words: Christmas

November 23 was designated the International Day of Words, by the Fundación César Egido Serrano to promote "the word as a bond of humanity, against any violence." What can mere words do, you ask, against any violence? Being a lover of words, I believe they can do great wonders. Consider the words of Christmas. Peace. Merry. Bright.… Continue reading Day of Words: Christmas

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Christmas. Finished.

  On linen and straw lay a birth and a death. God hedged by flesh shepherds, magi. ∞ It pleases us to imagine God just born, vulnerable delivery's slick dross clings the ache of mortality. ∞ It's comfortable: God on bovine-scented straw held in woman's arms and a lowly one at that. ∞ It's Christmas:… Continue reading Christmas. Finished.


Journey to Bethlehem

The woman winced. Again. Her breath took on a raggedness. Her words broke through clenched teeth. "How much farther?" "Not much, Woman." He'd been mentally referring to her as woman since he found out. It helped. The woman was pregnant. The woman had a special touch from God. He was not to abandon the woman. Woman was… Continue reading Journey to Bethlehem

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A Christmas Story by Gabe, 11

Gabe wrote this story in lieu of doing grammar pages. I cut and pasted it exactly as he sent it to me. Years ago, Katae also wrote a Christmas story. It's fun to think my oldest and my youngest got their fiction on in time for the holidays.  In the story you'll note Gabe used… Continue reading A Christmas Story by Gabe, 11

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Friends & Family: My Favorite Gifts

  For years I've sent a Christmas letter, but not this time. Find your name below for my "card" to you. This list cannot possibly contain every one of the people I consider gifts, but as I contemplated whether or not to send the usual card this year, it felt more right to talk about… Continue reading Friends & Family: My Favorite Gifts

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Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World

Of all the people turned off by Christians, Gandhi is my favorite. Gandhi was perplexed that Jesus' followers were little crazed antitheses of Him, buzzing about the world scattering judgement like pollen, condemning, wearing the cross and forgetting its dictates. Though he was turned off by Christians, Gandhi didn't discount the Man himself. Imitation is… Continue reading Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World


The Prettiest. Flash Fiction.

"Sometimes it's better to hide the unsightly with shiny things than to try to fix it," said the mother. "Grab that box of Christmas tinsel from the attic. And a fork." The child's noisy rifling through the silver drawer induced a clamorous tune, followed by staccato thudding on the attic stairs. She returned breathless, holding a… Continue reading The Prettiest. Flash Fiction.

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Considering Death This Christmas? Read T.S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi”

I'll never forget the first time I read "The Journey of the Magi" by T.S. Elliot. Think: Passion of the Christ, sub magi. This poem is deep and dark and human, revealing the grit that's glossed over by art and centuries. All I knew of the magi is they were funny-looking little men-dolls we set… Continue reading Considering Death This Christmas? Read T.S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi”

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Combating Christmas Overload, Best I Can

My list of Christmas action items feels longer than Santa's naughty list. The alarm grunts at me, and the I-should's instantly pop up like hostile beaver heads. Every time I knock one down, more pop up. I'm hoping I don't run out of time to slam them all into oblivion (thank you, imagination) before Christmas Day. My… Continue reading Combating Christmas Overload, Best I Can

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12 Days of Christmas: Extraterrestrial Giving

By extraterrestrial giving, I don't mean giving to aliens. Extra is latin for outside-of, and teres means circular or round. In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, it seemed a good idea to commit to giving twelve gifts outside my usual sphere, to do twelve acts that would make God smile. If you show love… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: Extraterrestrial Giving