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Be a Flasher

Not that kind of flasher, naughty bird. A flash fiction writer. Why should I be a flash fiction writer? You ask. I'm glad you did. Flash fiction forces several wondrous talents upon you: Economy of language. Full-bodied plot in a tiny, weeny package. A stretch into new genres, styles, content.* Opportunity for you to turn… Continue reading Be a Flasher


Funny! Fiction for Cracked Flash

Waiver Most epic adventures don't start out with an application and an insurance waiver, but Tom Kinzel, CEO of Chilly Thrills saw the writing on the wall: the positive correlation between epicness and peril. The 200 bodies strewn upon Mt. Everest gave their silent testimony: counterphobia (charging your worst nightmare) while epic, is risky. But… Continue reading Funny! Fiction for Cracked Flash


The Solution: Cracked Flash Fiction Entry

Dragons stalked the streets, puffing out smoke and clattering their mechanical wings. Gulligan sighed. Rush hour. A dragon who had the bad sense to scuttle in front of Gulligan found himself violently kicked. The iridescent creature rolled end over end and hit the curb, sending up a cloud. Brittle things, Gulligan thought, for all their noise… Continue reading The Solution: Cracked Flash Fiction Entry


The Prettiest. Flash Fiction.

"Sometimes it's better to hide the unsightly with shiny things than to try to fix it," said the mother. "Grab that box of Christmas tinsel from the attic. And a fork." The child's noisy rifling through the silver drawer induced a clamorous tune, followed by staccato thudding on the attic stairs. She returned breathless, holding a… Continue reading The Prettiest. Flash Fiction.


Tickled Slink, A G-Rated Story

"So where is it?" Jude asked as he spun me and gathered my hair in his fist, exposing my neck. "No 'on' button here," he whispered huskily, "How do I turn you on, Kate? I'm so very hungry..." I stared flatly into his eyes, barely holding my stoic mask.  Suddenly he jerked my arm straight… Continue reading Tickled Slink, A G-Rated Story


“Naughty” – Cracked Flash Fiction Entry

"Welcome, we've been expecting you," my butler, bored and composed to near unconsciousness, greeted me with half-closed lids. "Poppycock," I snapped, and hefted my suitcase into his gnarled hands. With surprising deftness, they received it. He did, however, stumble a few steps backward into the arched portico of my family's estate. "The only time you've… Continue reading “Naughty” – Cracked Flash Fiction Entry


His First

"I need to talk to a human," he demanded. "You're just a-- figurehead." Yasin crinkled his nose and reflexively shut his eyes against the whiff of decomposition that slithered into his senses. The stench pervaded the whole block, but it was savagely cloying, this close. Black flies skittered in a turbulent cloud and then settled back… Continue reading His First


O is for Optical Delusion

  Optical Delusion "We all know he's going to set himself on fire one day," Robert said, throwing up his hands. He was sick to death of these department meetings. "So... what of it? They all set themselves on fire sooner or later," General Irri answered. "Exactly. Sooner or later we lose them all. I'd… Continue reading O is for Optical Delusion


Cracked Flash Fiction – Misfire

This is an entry for the Cracked Flash Fiction weekly writing contest. They provide the first sentence, and writers have 300 words maximum to create some fun. Here's my entry for this week, which is a continuation of the story I wrote for Cracked a few weeks ago, Poker Face: Misfire "This is incredibly disturbing… Continue reading Cracked Flash Fiction – Misfire


Cracked Flash Fiction – Poker Face

Remember that flash fiction contest whose deadline I missed last week? Well, I'm in love- with their prompts, and with the idea of naming my characters after my students. 🙂 Also, wouldn't it be an upset to have my students enter and beat me out of this contest? Consider that a challenge. Deadline's midnight tonight.… Continue reading Cracked Flash Fiction – Poker Face