The Truth Will Set You Free. Or Will it?

Two streets south of mine is a little subdivision humbly named Castlewood. It's one street, really. And while the homes are relatively new, castle is a stretch. The street dead-ends at a retention pond where a sign warns of deep water, and a dingy orange life vest hangs on the far side corroborating just how… Continue reading The Truth Will Set You Free. Or Will it?

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My Alarm Clock Told Me

My alarm clock told me it was time to wake up. But it didn't stop there. It went on to remind me about yesterday. I hit snooze. My mirror told me I look rather haggard lately. Getting old and ugly and hadn't you better work on your personality?┬áThe mirror disagreed strongly with my alarm clock.… Continue reading My Alarm Clock Told Me

Personal Journey

A Rip-Your-Arm-Out Moment

I want to talk about the paralytic wake of failure, those moments right after we've been dealt a blow. Failure is most bitter when we expect greatness. If I were to run a marathon tomorrow, I'd fail, but it wouldn't be a blow because I expect a body that sputters through a 5K to have… Continue reading A Rip-Your-Arm-Out Moment