My Brain

Happy Brain Surgery Anniversary to Me

April 6th, 2018. It was the Cleveland Indians' home opener. I was at University Hospital having an opener of my own. Brain surgery. A year later the skin on my head is still tight. I often run my fingers along the dents in my skull. They can't be seen because my superhero surgeon managed to… Continue reading Happy Brain Surgery Anniversary to Me

My Brain

My Lightning

There once was a woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a writer, a child of God. In that order. She was interrupted. It was a lightning strike. (Your chances of that happening are like your chances of being stru—) Lightning: March 8th, in the middle of teaching a class. A brain tumor. After the strike… Continue reading My Lightning

My Brain

Post Brain Surgery Update

I had brain surgery on April 6th. I spent four days in the hospital, and have been pretty much fused to my recliner since my return home. I sleep there, day and night. I know God held me together as Bob drove to the hospital. At 5:45 it was still dark. Not many cars were on… Continue reading Post Brain Surgery Update

Personal Journey

Hello again!

For my blogging friends, I wanted to let you know my tumor was removed. I await news on whether or not it’s benign, but I am hopeful. Next to me is my best friend and newly-appointed nurse. I felt held by God and the love of family and friends. Will post when I feel up… Continue reading Hello again!

My Brain

Strong Enough

We’re all helpless. Sometimes it’s more obvious. I am Obvious, capital “O.” How I usually fool myself about helplessness is by doing hard things. Doing hard things makes me feel strong. I can overcome the next hard thing and the next...but with my tumor, there is no amount of running, no HIIT routine, no weightlifting… Continue reading Strong Enough