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Don’t Forget the Little Car Accidents

I like telling you about my car accidents. The slaps of fate, I consider my teachers. So when life smacks me down and I taste the dirt, my natural response is to share what it tasted like. This isn't new. My very first attempt at voluntary writing (age nine) was an apology to the Almighty… Continue reading Don’t Forget the Little Car Accidents

Personal Journey

T is for Tory

Tory was an easy baby, the easiest child, the hardest teenager. I think each phase caused the next. You see, Tory was so breathtakingly sweet that losing her to the atmosphere was that much more bitter. By atmosphere, I mean adolescence. When a rocket re-enters earth, there is a gap in communication while it makes… Continue reading T is for Tory

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Q is for Quacks

Quacks. I wish this were about ducks, but alas-- here is my post about funny farms, i.e., nut houses, psych wards, mental institutions, behavioral medicine centers (they sound nice). Funny farm is my mom's favorite designation. She has introduced me thus: "This is my daughter who put me in the funny farm." You could say… Continue reading Q is for Quacks

Personal Journey

L is for Luke

Luke. When he was a chubby toddler, we called him The Mayor. It was during the summer performances of Music on the Mound that Luke, then 3 years old, would go blanket to blanket and engage his constituency in monosyllabic conversations that culminated in uproarious laughter and his parting wave. Then on to the next… Continue reading L is for Luke

Personal Journey

K is for Katae

In a lineup of siblings, first-borns traditionally shoulder the heaviest burdens. Katae has always gracefully shouldered her world, praying that God would make her a good example, always considering her brothers and sister. In our home Katae would do what needed to be done; she'd find the holes and fill them; she'd enlist her siblings… Continue reading K is for Katae