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Weekend Coffee Share

Just as I took my first sip of hazelnut roast with heavy cream, the retirement club arrived at Panera. Judging by the volume of their voices, they're a bunch of bingo callers. Actually, they're adorable, and I hope I have friends like that when I'm white-haired. Heck, I hope I live to be white-haired. Still.… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share

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Luke’s Missions Trip 2017

Every summer since he was eight years old Luke's gone on a short-term missions trip to an Indian reservation. This particular missions trip is so physically exhausting that most people (myself included) can't hack it a second time around. Sleep deprivation, strenuous and sweltering construction, and mosquitoes of apocalyptic proportions are what you sign on… Continue reading Luke’s Missions Trip 2017

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K is for Katae

In a lineup of siblings, first-borns traditionally shoulder the heaviest burdens. Katae has always gracefully shouldered her world, praying that God would make her a good example, always considering her brothers and sister. In our home Katae would do what needed to be done; she'd find the holes and fill them; she'd enlist her siblings… Continue reading K is for Katae

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How To Be An Idiot This Thanksgiving

Pass me the sweet potatoes... and the Black Friday Ad. The talk this Thanksgiving is whether or not to shop the Black Friday specials, which have slithered into Thursday, and onto our Thanksgiving table. Passions run high on both sides of the turkey. Some folks can't pass up a deal and will gladly sacrifice dinner… Continue reading How To Be An Idiot This Thanksgiving

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Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

More disgusting and mutilated than any front yard ornament or trick-or-treat costume I'll see this year is the philosophy behind this "cultural tradition" we call Halloween. Yes, some of you will hate me when I'm done. An impressionable sapling of a boy was riding in the car with his mom one day when he made… Continue reading Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

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Car Wars: Driving Through the Dark Side

Rated R for Rant. 7:05. Wake up and drive Katae to Berea Courthouse for her internship.  Well, she drives there.  I drink my joe. 8:30. Get home.  Have 2nd cup of coffee and read Bible, eat breakfast, read emails, yell at kids. 10:00-11:00. Take boys to the orthodontist where we try to get school done.… Continue reading Car Wars: Driving Through the Dark Side

Personal Journey

My Sister’s Response When I Bemoaned my Consumer Status

Recently I tried to get a "real job."  Not that what I do right now isn't work.  But most of what I do is pro bono, gratis, charity-- you know, housework.  A too-good-to-be-true opportunity came my way, so I dropped everything summer and spent five hours updating my 20-year-old resume.   I somehow managed to… Continue reading My Sister’s Response When I Bemoaned my Consumer Status