Unlike me, Jesus Didn’t Feel the Need to Prove Himself

I stood at the top of the cliff trying to work up the guts. It could be done, had already been done by others. But one could also slip on the rock and not get the distance required to clear the pregnant, jagged outcropping. One could misinterpret her strength and pay dire consequences for doing… Continue reading Unlike me, Jesus Didn’t Feel the Need to Prove Himself

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Fearful, Tearful, Weirdful, and Rise

Fear. I wish I could cut it from my soul with a scissors. I wish I could lay on a comfy couch, talk its existence into oblivion, then charge myself $100/hour. I'd collect my fees and go on a vacation to the beach. I have an active imagination, so I fear things most people haven't… Continue reading Fearful, Tearful, Weirdful, and Rise

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Swimming Over the Moon

I've decided, now that I have three years swim-parent experience, swimming is a sport about the following: 1. conquering your fears, 2. conquering your flesh, 3. extreme repetition, and 4. pressure. As a child, the extent of my swimming was the drowning preventative offered by the local pool. I had no idea there was a… Continue reading Swimming Over the Moon