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Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

More disgusting and mutilated than any front yard ornament or trick-or-treat costume I'll see this year is the philosophy behind this "cultural tradition" we call Halloween. Yes, some of you will hate me when I'm done. An impressionable sapling of a boy was riding in the car with his mom one day when he made… Continue reading Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

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We didn’t like that anyway.

"We didn't like that couch anyway," my son said with the glazed look of a soldier recently returned from a violent front.  In our family that sentence is code.  It means:  The dog just ate x. I was in bed reading.  I didn't believe him at first.  Mostly because my son is joking  90% of… Continue reading We didn’t like that anyway.

Screwtape Still Speaks

Giving Grief. A Guide

Don't think my loyalties are incongruous with previous directives because I urged you to be generous in your giving.  Gifts have been a part of our modus operandi since our Father's first victory.     Here's how it's done, my fiend.  Give him innumerable little "benign" gadgets with which to fiddle, so he'll be too busy… Continue reading Giving Grief. A Guide

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Love, Wrapped Up

It's Christmas time.   And as Scroogie as it is to talk about this, most of what my thoughts gravitate toward is... money.  I wish it weren't true.  I am constantly planning how I can get awesome, appropriate, and unique gifts at the best prices.  A fourth generation bargain Betty, I can't resist a thrift… Continue reading Love, Wrapped Up