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Goodbye, Abbott

When I walk in the door, Abbott is always there to greet me with his enormous shnaz (our word for his nose) and his beautiful, watery eyes that gaze at me with absolute adoration. There's something heady about being in the crosshairs of dog-love. I pat his head and ask, "How's my favorite?" I have… Continue reading Goodbye, Abbott

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A Letter to Gigi*

Dear Gigi, I chose you after giving it about thirty seconds' thought. You're right up there with Hitler and Jesus and the young me, which is a rather strange party, I admit. Can you imagine the four of us playing Peanut? I just played that game for the first time, by the way. Never played… Continue reading A Letter to Gigi*

fiction, on writing, Personal Journey

The Most Dangerous Thing We Do

Once this kid—my passenger—grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it hard over while I was driving. Not just a little tug, mind you, but a full-on we-gonna-die! yank. The kind that elicited a blood-curdling scream and a shouted sermon. A 19-year old preaching car safety to a 15-year-old. This kid was all charm and immortality… Continue reading The Most Dangerous Thing We Do