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Book Review: The Bible

Title: The Holy Bible  Authors: 40+ men over 1500 years   Genre: Non-fiction   Publisher: God   Release Date: 1535  Pages: 1,200ish   Simply filling out the specs I'm picking a fight. My choice to label The Bible non-fiction communicates: Ignorance to secular scientists (Gah! Join the 21st century!) Intolerance to other religions (god wrote our book too) Combativeness to atheists (your god is… Continue reading Book Review: The Bible

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Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World

Of all the people turned off by Christians, Gandhi is my favorite. Gandhi was perplexed that Jesus' followers were little crazed antitheses of Him, buzzing about the world scattering judgement like pollen, condemning, wearing the cross and forgetting its dictates. Though he was turned off by Christians, Gandhi didn't discount the Man himself. Imitation is… Continue reading Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World

fiction, Screwtape Still Speaks

The One Feared is the One Revered

I don't want to be worshipped-- I want to terrify. My rival covets worship, but I've never been so inclined. You could say between the two of us, I'm the humble one. And between the two of us, I'm the one providing a service: I scare you, don't I? Scare you into looking before you… Continue reading The One Feared is the One Revered

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M is for Missionaries

My sister and her husband have never been what you'd call traditional. For starters they were married on the Appalacian Trail-- during their thru-hike. Heather had real flowers woven into a crown, and the new couple walked under an arch of brightly colored hiking staffs, held up by the many friends they made along the… Continue reading M is for Missionaries

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J is for Jesus

J has to be for Jesus because He's a game-changer. I used to think Bible thumpers were either 1. freaks or 2. recently lobotomized. It didn't help that my first lesson on organized religion was Jim Jones and his deadly Kool-Aide. I thought that feeling or showing any zeal for god would land me square… Continue reading J is for Jesus

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12 Days of Christmas: Extraterrestrial Giving

By extraterrestrial giving, I don't mean giving to aliens. Extra is latin for outside-of, and teres means circular or round. In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, it seemed a good idea to commit to giving twelve gifts outside my usual sphere, to do twelve acts that would make God smile. If you show love… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: Extraterrestrial Giving

Personal Journey

A Rip-Your-Arm-Out Moment

I want to talk about the paralytic wake of failure, those moments right after we've been dealt a blow. Failure is most bitter when we expect greatness. If I were to run a marathon tomorrow, I'd fail, but it wouldn't be a blow because I expect a body that sputters through a 5K to have… Continue reading A Rip-Your-Arm-Out Moment

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The Downside of Being God, A Soldier, A Car Salesman

Raise your hand if you want to be honored today, Memorial Day. I don't want to be honored because I don't want to be dead yet. Neither did the ones we honor. Most didn't intend to die, either when they signed on or in the moment. Most hoped they could serve their country, come home,… Continue reading The Downside of Being God, A Soldier, A Car Salesman

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Just Show Up

A friend of mine texted me this morning asking for prayer.  As she should. She's about to embark on something that's way out of her league.  She does this for Jesus and for His people, especially those who feel most forsaken, who the world deems most filthy and most foul, but who are loved by… Continue reading Just Show Up

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Heal My Soul – Testimony Part III

Heal my soul, for I have sinned against Thee. - Psalm 41:4b My memory in the months before I acquiesced to Jesus is hazy. I know I was desperate. I know circumstantially I had everything-- as far as the American Dream goes, anyway. Although I had married my prince charming, I was disappointed that I… Continue reading Heal My Soul – Testimony Part III