Journey to Bethlehem

The woman winced. Again. Her breath took on a raggedness. Her words broke through clenched teeth. "How much farther?" "Not much, Woman." He'd been mentally referring to her as woman since he found out. It helped. The woman was pregnant. The woman had a special touch from God. He was not to abandon the woman. Woman was… Continue reading Journey to Bethlehem

Personal Journey

To You. From the Turkey

This Thanksgiving, stop. Halt the cooking, put your flour-dusted, pumpkin-splattered ear up to the knobby pink mountain of white meat and listen. As you scoop your third helping of baked marshmallows with a dab of sweet potatoes, and your nether regions fuse to the chair, take note. When your uncle walks in wearing a Make… Continue reading To You. From the Turkey

Personal Journey

The Things I Carry

"What's it like, being dead?" "...I don't know, I guess it's like being inside a book that nobody's reading." - From Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. This quote bowled me over. Not just because it's a fresh look at death, but because it captures my feelings. While I'm writing I Trespass, I'm "inside a… Continue reading The Things I Carry

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Bible

Title: The Holy Bible  Authors: 40+ men over 1500 years   Genre: Non-fiction   Publisher: God   Release Date: 1535  Pages: 1,200ish   Simply filling out the specs I'm picking a fight. My choice to label The Bible non-fiction communicates: Ignorance to secular scientists (Gah! Join the 21st century!) Intolerance to other religions (god wrote our book too) Combativeness to atheists (your god is… Continue reading Book Review: The Bible

Personal Journey

Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World

Of all the people turned off by Christians, Gandhi is my favorite. Gandhi was perplexed that Jesus' followers were little crazed antitheses of Him, buzzing about the world scattering judgement like pollen, condemning, wearing the cross and forgetting its dictates. Though he was turned off by Christians, Gandhi didn't discount the Man himself. Imitation is… Continue reading Be the Gift You Want to Get in This World

fiction, Screwtape Still Speaks

The One Feared is the One Revered

I don't want to be worshipped-- I want to terrify. My rival covets worship, but I've never been so inclined. You could say between the two of us, I'm the humble one. And between the two of us, I'm the one providing a service: I scare you, don't I? Scare you into looking before you… Continue reading The One Feared is the One Revered

Personal Journey

M is for Missionaries

My sister and her husband have never been what you'd call traditional. For starters they were married on the Appalacian Trail-- during their thru-hike. Heather had real flowers woven into a crown, and the new couple walked under an arch of brightly colored hiking staffs, held up by the many friends they made along the… Continue reading M is for Missionaries