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My Son: Into The Lion Habitat

Though most homeschool moms won't admit it, we have an unspoken code, a knowing nod, a fierce pride, and some definite do's and don'ts in the secret-circle. Homeschool moms share a marinesque kinship, forged through days of homeschool bootcamp,  homeschool bleedout, homeschool hell-on-earth, homeschool soul-ripping, faith-stabbing, self-questioning, sanity-questioning homeschool days where we despaired of getting… Continue reading My Son: Into The Lion Habitat

Homeschool Life

From Your Mom: A Letter to Homeschool Students

Before we embark on another homeschool year, I want to clear up a couple of misunderstandings we had last year. Truth is, some school days I felt like a gladiator. You probably did too. Let's start fresh, and agree on the following... shall we? 1. Mom is not the enemy. Most homeschool students unconsciously operate… Continue reading From Your Mom: A Letter to Homeschool Students

Homeschool Life

Smoking The Core

Did you know I'm a principal? It's true, according to the Ohio Department of Education. By way of explanation, there are two ways to legally home educate in Ohio. One of them is to become your own school, so to speak. We mavericks are called 08 schools:  non-chartered, non-tax supported schools, which are granted autonomy… Continue reading Smoking The Core

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Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

More disgusting and mutilated than any front yard ornament or trick-or-treat costume I'll see this year is the philosophy behind this "cultural tradition" we call Halloween. Yes, some of you will hate me when I'm done. An impressionable sapling of a boy was riding in the car with his mom one day when he made… Continue reading Hollow. Ween. A Zombie Tradition I Wish Would Just Die Already

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National Dictionary Day

I say this in love: Noah Webster was a total geek.  He knew 26 languages.  Not letters.  Languages.  Don’t you find it odd that he knew exactly the same number of languages as letters in the English alphabet? I wonder if it was a personal goal of his to know that many languages.  When did… Continue reading National Dictionary Day


I’m Shutting Down

An acquaintance of mine works for our government in one of the "essential" areas. Lucky for him.  At least he receives a percentage of his pay and gets the benefit of continuing to wake up early, face rush hour, and go into a present, but "demoralized" office.  He mentioned defaulting on his mortgage as an option… Continue reading I’m Shutting Down

Screwtape Still Speaks

What the Devil? Screwtape Talks Politics

After spending six weeks studying C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters with my 5000 Words class, I feel like I know just what he would say... My Dear Wormwood, I am pleased to see you dabbling in politics. As even the most immature tempter knows, the passions that bubble up from the froth of political dissimilarity will… Continue reading What the Devil? Screwtape Talks Politics