Personal Journey

A (True) Love Story

Once upon 1982, I stood on a stage with a few girls who actually had talent and choked out the Christmas carol, "Silver Bells." I did not know this would be one of the defining moments of my life. Weeks before, I crashed the hand-picked ensemble simply by showing up to the practice. Our music… Continue reading A (True) Love Story


Tickled Slink, A G-Rated Story

"So where is it?" Jude asked as he spun me and gathered my hair in his fist, exposing my neck. "No 'on' button here," he whispered huskily, "How do I turn you on, Kate? I'm so very hungry..." I stared flatly into his eyes, barely holding my stoic mask. ¬†Suddenly he jerked my arm straight… Continue reading Tickled Slink, A G-Rated Story