The Perks of Galactic Transport

Uncle Asbestos brings me presents when his tour is done. There are always interesting treats lurking in his pockets. He removes his helmet with a wry smile and dramatic sloth. My fidgeting betrays my impatience. He inside-outs his pockets and a slew of my favorite tiny, multi-colored creatures fall out. I squeal. We play with… Continue reading The Perks of Galactic Transport


Flash Fiction for Microcosms

1 Thessalonians 5:2 Charles Floyd began dying the night of the buffalo. Seaman was hailed a hero, and the whole Corps of Discovery was giddy over the near miss: how the Newfoundland kept the buffalo from trampling the officers' tent.┬áNo one was hurt, not even Charles. Still, death had settled upon him like the dreaded… Continue reading Flash Fiction for Microcosms


Color: Fiction for Microcosms

From her usual spot between the front seats, the little girl gazed at the passing landscape, absently drawing shapes in the craggy skin on Father's neck. On either side of the road the broken bones of civilization lay in colorless mounds. She often wondered why the colors left, why the piles weren't bright like Lego… Continue reading Color: Fiction for Microcosms

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Be a Flasher

Not that kind of flasher, naughty bird. A flash fiction writer. Why should I be a flash fiction writer? You ask. I'm glad you did. Flash fiction forces several wondrous talents upon you: Economy of language. Full-bodied plot in a tiny, weeny package. A stretch into new genres, styles, content.* Opportunity for you to turn… Continue reading Be a Flasher