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Smoking The Core

Did you know I'm a principal? It's true, according to the Ohio Department of Education. By way of explanation, there are two ways to legally home educate in Ohio. One of them is to become your own school, so to speak. We mavericks are called 08 schools:  non-chartered, non-tax supported schools, which are granted autonomy… Continue reading Smoking The Core

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Car Wars: Driving Through the Dark Side

Rated R for Rant. 7:05. Wake up and drive Katae to Berea Courthouse for her internship.  Well, she drives there.  I drink my joe. 8:30. Get home.  Have 2nd cup of coffee and read Bible, eat breakfast, read emails, yell at kids. 10:00-11:00. Take boys to the orthodontist where we try to get school done.… Continue reading Car Wars: Driving Through the Dark Side

Personal Journey

My Sister’s Response When I Bemoaned my Consumer Status

Recently I tried to get a "real job."  Not that what I do right now isn't work.  But most of what I do is pro bono, gratis, charity-- you know, housework.  A too-good-to-be-true opportunity came my way, so I dropped everything summer and spent five hours updating my 20-year-old resume.   I somehow managed to… Continue reading My Sister’s Response When I Bemoaned my Consumer Status

Personal Journey

Stairs That Avail Much

Do you get stir crazy in winter?  We do.  But thankfully we have these super spiral stairs that double as a jungle gym.  My kids find alternate uses for just about any apparatus* around, including the walls, couches, mattresses, even the dog.  They stave off the winter blues by finding creative ways to enjoy/destroy whatever is… Continue reading Stairs That Avail Much