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2017 in the Rear View Mirror

2017. Crushed it. Really and truly. Those of you who know me know I beat myself up at regular intervals. I raise self-flagellation to an art form. My friends tell me I'm too hard on myself. If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do me no harm. I like to think I have an… Continue reading 2017 in the Rear View Mirror

Personal Journey

Your Attention, Please.

Villain, Victim, Victor: the three ways I can see myself in my quest for attention. As a victim I get consolation; as a villain, condemnation; and as a victor, congratulations. Which of those strokes I predominantly seek will dig ruts for the wheels of my life. Admittedly, this idea came to me when I was… Continue reading Your Attention, Please.

Personal Journey

Telling Myself… It’s All Good

It's a new year. Do you feel brand new? Sparkly?  Like the reset button has been pushed on your life?  The tags are still on the new personality you're determined to create for yourself in 2014, right?  Uh, hem... Some of you have already broken your resolutions. For my part, until yesterday I could say, "I haven't worked… Continue reading Telling Myself… It’s All Good

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Heal My Soul – Testimony Part III

Heal my soul, for I have sinned against Thee. - Psalm 41:4b My memory in the months before I acquiesced to Jesus is hazy. I know I was desperate. I know circumstantially I had everything-- as far as the American Dream goes, anyway. Although I had married my prince charming, I was disappointed that I… Continue reading Heal My Soul – Testimony Part III

Personal Journey

No Thanks, I’ll Do This Myself – Testimony Part II

I didn't kill her, of course.  I just moved my car into the spot as if she were invisible, which was hard to do because she was yelling her head off and waving her arms around like my own personal air marshal helping me park my plane.  That stick shift came in handy when I… Continue reading No Thanks, I’ll Do This Myself – Testimony Part II

Personal Journey

The Lesson Losing Teaches

Actually there are several lessons taught by the strict and Spartan teacher, Losing.  Our soccer game yesterday inspired this post, but I'm hoping that it will get us through this rebuilding season, ie, losing season.  I try to be a cup-half-full thinker. Losing teaches: 1.  I am a work in progress.  No one is finished… Continue reading The Lesson Losing Teaches

Personal Journey

To The Woman I Rear-Ended Today,

The answer to your question, "What the hell is wrong with [me]?" is that I'm flawed, human.  Thankfully that obvious and inescapable fact no longer plagues me as it once did.  It used to be such a burden, trying to appear just so, to wear the masks of got-it-togetherness, brilliance, wit, savvy.  I never felt… Continue reading To The Woman I Rear-Ended Today,

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Good Morning

Upon waking, I sip my coffee either upstairs or downstairs, depending on which living space is less messy.  Today was a toss up.   These are my slippered feet and my PJ's; that is my cat, and this is what my view usually does NOT look like in the morning. Warning:  this may sound like… Continue reading Good Morning

Personal Journey

Memories That Define Me

Gymnastics.  That defined me.  We practiced two nights a week and four hours on Saturdays.  Meets were Sundays.  I breathed gymnastics and can still mentally perform a round-off, back-handspring, double full twist.  That's 360° twice while revolving in  plank position.  And I can even get this  41-year-old body to perform it off a diving board.… Continue reading Memories That Define Me

Personal Journey

Declaration of Independence

... from the tyranny of Public Opinion. Let me not be brought low by the low opinions others have of me.  And let my heart not be set on medals of praise and affirmation, but may it be on a "Well done."  My perception of the contents of man's mind is faulty anyway.  But even… Continue reading Declaration of Independence