Homeschool Life

Good Morning

Upon waking, I sip my coffee either upstairs or downstairs, depending on which living space is less messy.  Today was a toss up.   These are my slippered feet and my PJ's; that is my cat, and this is what my view usually does NOT look like in the morning. Warning:  this may sound like… Continue reading Good Morning

Personal Journey

Memories That Define Me

Gymnastics.  That defined me.  We practiced two nights a week and four hours on Saturdays.  Meets were Sundays.  I breathed gymnastics and can still mentally perform a round-off, back-handspring, double full twist.  That's 360° twice while revolving in  plank position.  And I can even get this  41-year-old body to perform it off a diving board.… Continue reading Memories That Define Me

Personal Journey

Declaration of Independence

... from the tyranny of Public Opinion. Let me not be brought low by the low opinions others have of me.  And let my heart not be set on medals of praise and affirmation, but may it be on a "Well done."  My perception of the contents of man's mind is faulty anyway.  But even… Continue reading Declaration of Independence