Personal Journey

Thankfulness: Just Do It

Thankful: conscious of a benefit received. I don't love their shoes, but I'd nominate Nike slogan creator Dan Wieden for the Nobel Peace Prize. Just do it--applied en masse could cure obesity, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and empty toilet paper rolls. The downside would be impulse marriages, divorces, suicides, and job walk-offs-- impulse suicides notwithstanding, the… Continue reading Thankfulness: Just Do It

Personal Journey

I Still Do.

I still do. More than twenty years have passed, and I love my husband as fiercely as the day I said the words. For that, I thank God. Twice. First, because God shows me how to love, and second, because when we follow God, we're easier to love. Bob is awfully easy to love, I… Continue reading I Still Do.