Smart, Honest, Critical

What every writer needs: a smart, honest, critical reader. Or in a perfect world, a posse of smart-honest-criticals. Let's face it. If you have an Einsteinian friend, but he only heaps praise upon your work and doesn't share what could be better, how does that help? If you have an Eeyore-type who honestly sees prickles… Continue reading Smart, Honest, Critical


That’ll Teach You a Lesson: Skits

Hands down, my students' favorite class is when they write and perform skits. We read The King and His Hawk to get a feel for the form. The lesson of this great fable: Don't do anything in anger. The King and His Hawk is especially appropriate for the battle-weary parent, as she has multiple hawks… Continue reading That’ll Teach You a Lesson: Skits

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Spontaneous 2: Scene in Writing

The gorgeous Cleveland weather got me thinking scene. I've recently learned a couple of scene don'ts. Don'ts are easy. You can take them out if you happen to have them in your manuscript.  (Says the queen of strikeouts. I never met a phrase I couldn't pare.) Do's are harder, as is creating new scenes for… Continue reading Spontaneous 2: Scene in Writing

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Spontaneous 1: Uncomfortaville

I am a writer. I have grand thoughts while grinding away on my upright bike. Admittedly, that's because I'm listening to Les Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Sylvester Stallone yelling locker room halftime speeches on volume nine, accompanied by epic soundtracks. I close my eyes, peddle faster at the crescendos. I apply football to writing, weightlifting… Continue reading Spontaneous 1: Uncomfortaville

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Weekend Coffee Share: Things to Say Yay! About

If we were having coffee I'd be smiling enormously. Two weeks ago today an agent requested my full manuscript. My reaction: eeeeeeeeck! Then another agent requested my manuscript. And...holy-too-good-to-be-true Batman! A THIRD AGENT REQUESTED MY FULL MANUSCRIPT. For my non-writer friends, this is like winning the lottery three times in a row. I've spilled my… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Things to Say Yay! About


The Perks of Galactic Transport

Uncle Asbestos brings me presents when his tour is done. There are always interesting treats lurking in his pockets. He removes his helmet with a wry smile and dramatic sloth. My fidgeting betrays my impatience. He inside-outs his pockets and a slew of my favorite tiny, multi-colored creatures fall out. I squeal. We play with… Continue reading The Perks of Galactic Transport

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I Resolve, Therefore I Am

...going to get this life under complete control. That's what I tell myself between Christmas and January, the only time I ever think about making a standard work list that includes a time slot specifically devoted to chopping vegetables and organizing the fridge. Here's how resolution delusion plays out: Starting January 2nd, I'm going to… Continue reading I Resolve, Therefore I Am